Минпромторг хочет ограничить госзакупки импортных товаров.


С декабря прошлого года импортеры в России больше не могут пользоваться международной системой транзита TIR. С июля 2014 года она может закрыться и для российских экспортеров.


Армения в мае подпишет договор о вступлении в ТС.

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Trans Business Eurasia

Trans Business Eurasia Customs Broker is your HIGH QUALITY service provider in Russia. We are Licensed Customs Broker  and proud to offer our services to both one-time noncommercial goods importer and to the high volume commercial goods importer. Trans Business Eurasia Customs Broker is ready  to obtain clearances at all Customs  in Russia from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad.
Trans Business Eurasia Customs Broker provides exceptional service to any and all types of importers in a wide variety of industries. Our Certified Customs Specialists, will work with you to expedite the customs clearance of your shipment, while at the same time ensuring adherence to all customs compliance and government regulations.
In order to provide HIGH QUALITY services to our clients,  Trans Business Eurasia  offers the following expertise and services:

  • Obtain clearances at all  Customs  in Russia
  • Clearances for all modes of transport: AIR, OCEAN, TRUCK, RAIL, POST
  • Pre and post entry compliance expertise
  • Trade compliance consulting

When starting a business with Trans Business Eurasia Customs Broker, our specialists can assist with the following:

  • Advise on duty rates and tariff classification
  • Advise of all import requirements with Other Government Departments.

Trans Business Eurasia  Customs Brokers acts on behalf of many different levels of clients, and every client should expect HIGH QUALITY service:

  • High volume importers
  • Seasonal importers
  • Project managers
  • Low volume occasional importers
  • One-time entry importers
  • Individuals

We provide services to the following types of clients:

  • Publicly traded & privately held companies
  • Partnerships, sole proprietorships, limited liability corporations
  • Individuals
  • Trade Associations & clubs
  • Festival organizers, host committees, charitable organizations
  • Freight forwarders and trucking companies
  • Foreign and domestic customs brokers
  • Many others...


 Trans Business Eurasia  recognizes that each and every client is unique, therefore, their requirements for shipping and handling are unique. At our core, we are problem solvers and we'll take the time to custom design a freight solution to meet all your needs. Our extensive worldwide network of professionals ensures we have coverage to and from all corners of the globe for air, ocean and surface solutions.
Trans Business Eurasia  provides exceptional freight shipping services via:

  • Air Freight
  • Truck Freight
  • Rail Freight
  • Ocean Freight
  • Specialty Freight
  • Vehicle Shipping
  • Project Freight and Project Management

For those shipments that are urgent, time-sensitive and/or in remote locations, air freight is the most efficient and fastest form of transport from point A to point B. Trans Business Eurasia  's  team of air logistics professionals, will match your needs with the specific air transport routing, along with the correct aircraft type and size. Available air freight equipment and options:

  • IATA spec air containers and pallets
  • Palletized cargo, strapping
  • Crating and re-packaging
  • Small medium and large cargo and passenger aircraft available

Air transport - who & why:

  • Perishable suppliers
  • Manufacturing - (plant shut down and/or relocation)
  • Live animals
  • Live entertainment
  • Special events

Trucking these days is a sophisticated means of transport that offers cost effective options and transit times to meet the needs of the shipper. All of our trucks are monitored for departures and arrivals. We manage our trucking in house and work with a growing database of reliable operators that can accommodate your needs at a moment's notice. We maintain relationships with operators all across Europe and Russia to price aggressively and deliver on our commitments.

Truck and trailer options:

  • 1 Ton cube van
  • 20 tn truck
  • 20 tn refrigerator
  • flat deck truck
  • low bed truck
  • Multi axle unit
  • Low bed / double drop trailers
  • Expandable chassis
  • Enclosed vehicle transporters
  • Open vehicle transporters

Rail transport is one of the most effective transport solutions to cover coast to coast shipping needs with a relatively affordable budget for the movement of goods. Trans Business Eurasia  works with RZD in addition to working with major Intermodal Marketing Companies who provide integrated multi-modal service.

Rail car options:

  • Standard box car
  • Grain cars
  • Liquid transport cars
  • Intermodal trailer and container options

Ocean Freight has matured into an efficient method of transport, offering a variety of options for specific shipping needs. Trans Business Eurasia  has built relationships with all major International Ocean Carriers to afford our customers with all multi mode ocean options available. Whether you're shipping Less than Container Load (LCL) to Full Container Load (FCL), we offer options with varied departures and arrivals to fit your needs, including specialty vessel options.

Ocean vessel and container options:

  • LCL skidded, crated or palletized cargo
  • Standard 20 foot containers
  • Standard 40 foot containers
  • Standard 40 foot high cube containers
  • Refrigerated 20 and 40 foot containers
  • 40 Foot flat rack
  • 45 foot standard containers
  • Container vessel
  • Break bulk vessel
  • Self gear crane equipped vessel
  • Roll on roll off vessel